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​Kenneth M. Lewis has developed international acts and Norwegian music export successes such as Ida MariaM2MSpanIna Wroldsen

Brandyn BurnetteLorraine

Trucks, Karin ParkGisli, ​Midnight Sons and Babel Fish. Today he works among others with KlondikeFrøderAlfred HallPhone Joan, El Cuero and The Love Connection, ARY, Anna Rebekka.


If you are ready for some constructive criticism and want to transform it into self-improvement or if you want to take your music career to the next level, Kenneth will help you and your band stand out and create a personal way to engage and enchant the audience, without compromising character and style!




"Most people spend all their time and money in record production without thinking that it is equally important to focus on and invest in live performance! This is where artists and bands surprise and conquer their audience, creating unexpected, unforgettable experiences and it´s where they earn the most!"

Become a 

major league act! 

Build a bigger fan base!
Surprise your audience with 
nights of live music euphoria​​!
And discover where your true  potential lies!​​ 

"It is essential to give artists the tools they need to become strong and indipendent in the current music industry chaos. When I was young, there were plenty of musicians that could help me to become a better musician, but there was no one to guide me in how to succeed out there! 

Now I have the chance to help young talents. I take artist development to another level, bringing not only business and music recording expertise, but also showing bands how to develop their communication skills and build a great relationship with their audience! That continues to be my motivation and my mission after so many years in this business!"

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