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Gaze of Lisa and Matera, European Capital of Culture 2019

December, 2015

Last June we were in Matera to hold a workshop with local bands. Gaze of Lisa, a group of four talented and creative musicians, impressed us most. They have now won a competition and have written the pop song that will represent Matera as a European Capital of Culture in three years.


Norwegian pop music meets Italian string arrangements

October 2015

We had the pleasure to work with the Italian film composer Federico Ferrandina during his visit in Oslo. He is writing string arrangements for Anna Rebekka´s next single called "Mørke fristelser" (Dark temptations) who will be released in the beginning of 2016.

Federico Ferrandina is a composer, producer and arranger. His music can be listed to i.a. during the multi Oscar and Golden Globe-winning movie "Dallas Buyers Club" (2013), with Matthew McConaughey og Jared Leto, and US blockbuster "Friends with kids" (2011). He has also written the soundtrack for "Lulu and right words" presented in the selection of short films for the Cannes Film Festival in 2015.


Klondike played for TIDAL

September 2015

Party time at TIDAL HQ in Oslo!


Catching Cooper - Radio

September 2015

We worked with these guys from Trondheim last year. Here is the first result.


iTunes/Apple Music:



Frøder - over 1.000.000 times on Spotify

August 2015

Katrin Frøder has reached over 1.000.000 streaming on Spotify. There are great expectations for her album that will be out in 2016.

A new signing! Anna Rebekka has joined our family!

Anna Rebekka is a young Norwegian artist, who has marked herself already last year with her self-produced EP. You can read what GAFFA meant about her debut here. We will focus on Anna Rebekkas songwriting and live performance development, and soon release the first single, in Norwegian, on our new record label Bifrost.


Klondike summer tour

Klondike toured Norway during the summer, heading also to Skral Festival and Sup & Stup, with an amazing line-up that included Hozier, D´Angelo, Röyksopp, Mew and many others. A video from the tour can be seen here. 


Klondike among "What not to miss" at Skral festival!

July, 2015

Jack Garratt (uk), Röyksopp (no), Mew (dk), Hozier (irl) and our Klondike among the artist you MUST see at Skral Festival this summer!


Live! A seminar in collaboration with the Norwegian music network MØST.

Discover the techniques needed to become a better performing artist, to improve your communication skills and interaction with your audience.


Learn how to give them nights of live music euphoria by following simple advice from Kenneth on this Vimeo channel:


Live Performance Workshop heading to Italy!

My Live Performance Workshop is heading to the beautiful city of Matera in June, in collaboration with Diotima Group


Thank you to the Norwegian Embassy in Italy for supporting our project.


Matera, located in the Southern Italian region of Basilicata has been awarded the title of the 2019 European Capital of Culture in Italy. 


Double debut for the Norwegian band Klondike this week!


First official video Apollo out today.

Double debut for the Norwegian band Klondike this week!



First single Soldiers out today. 



February 2015

Not all Norwegian music is necessarily melancholic and chilly cold.


Klondike is an Oslo-based pop-folk orchestra that plays Summer sunshine-music and they love to dance with their audience when it gets steamy and sweaty. With multiple vocal harmonies, playful guitar licks and beats Klondike music can also be listened to with your hips.


Klondike will soon release their debut single!

In the meanwhile you can find out more here


New single and By:Larm 2015

February 2015

‪‎Keep Forever‬ is the new release from Norwegian artsist Frøder.


Don´t miss her concerts during By:Larm 2015!




Frøder Included in Spotify's "Spotlight Artists 2015"


Spotify just unveiled a Spotlight list of up- and- coming Norwegian artists whom Spotify predicts will soon break big. The list includes Frøder. 

Click here to listen to the full playlist!


Live performance workshop in Oslo

November, December 2014

Videotips from my workshop in collaboration with MØST coming soon.

The Love Connection album is out!


Casa Murilo - Ignition tour

Autumn 2014

Drive - Casa Murilo (video)

Autumn 2014

Many moons ago, two Englishmen, Dan Hesketh and Chris Winfield met two Norwegian girls in Brazil. They lived together with a man called Murilo and had many adventures.


Some time later they left Murilo behind and moved to Norway, where the Englishmen started a band and named it after him as a dedication. They put together a band & called it "Casa Murilo".


They quickly built something of a reputation on the Oslo underground for their raucous, energetic live show and have now played Norway, UK, Germany, Netherlands, India, Bangladesh, Sweden and Sri Lanka.

Videopremiere - "Over the sea" - Frøder


Frøder is 21-year-old and she is considered as one of the absolute biggest new natural talents in Norway. 


She co-wrote and performed "Stockholm syndrome" with CLMD at the Norwegian Grammys this year. Her debut single "Speed ​​of Sound" was released in february and now you can listen to and see her new song "Over the sea".


Fables, fierce nature and tempestuous weather inspire the sounds of lush - a young and emerging female artist from Bergen, Norway. "It's like alchemy" she sais, and she's right. The sonic ingredients include here Distinct, icy fresh voice entwined with catchy, mystical indie and electronic nordic pop.


Thanks for nothing - Brandyn Burnette´s brand new music video

July, 2014

New World in The Morning - Video


The Love Connection


We are happy to announce that "New world in the morning", mixed by Dave Bascombe, is the first single from the Norwegian superband The Love Connection as well as the first release on our new label Lewis Productions.


"New world in the morning" is originally written by the British singer-songwriter Roger Whittaker.


Norwegian Grammy Awards 2013

Alfred Hall nominated in the category 'Pop Group of the year' and Fröder opening the show with CLMD (Carl Louis & Martin Danielle). Ina is performing with her Ask Embla too. 


New Collaboration with IndiGoBoom

November, 2013

Ever wished to have a proper producer to take your music to the next level? 

IndiGoBoom and Kenneth have joined forces to provide you with just that! Take a look at our brand new service "Second Opinion".


Brandyn Burnette in a new video

October 2013

Check out Hunter Hayes and Jason Mraz's special Mash-Up of "Everybody's Got Somebody But Me." featuring Brandyn Burnette and a few other YouTube artists.


Live album and new tour for El Cuero


The band will celebrate the release of their "El Cuero's Justice - LIVE!" album with a new tour this fall. 


Official Ida Maria tour dates Norway fall 2013!

Alfred Hall on the trailer for Ricky Gervais' comedy show Derek

August, 2013

New album for Ida Maria

August 6, 2013

Ida Maria is releasing her new album "Love Conquers All" in Norway today, through Eno magasinet, you can download it here and decide the price yourself!


July, 2013


"...Jarle Bernhoft, known by his fans simply as Bernhoft, is a Norwegian singer, multi-instrumentalist, and composer. With thick-framed glasses, a knack for putting together a fresh wardrobe and a honey-sweet voice, Bernhoft is quickly making an impression on music lovers around the world–including Ellen Degeneres.


He rose to fame in his native country for a rock ‘n’ roll sound he crafted as a member of the band SPAN. After discovering his deep-seated love for soul music and artists like James Brown and Sly and the Family Stone, he became fixated on making music with a little more funk to it..."


Inspiring weekend at Rookie to Whiz

July, 2013

In Spite and Incarnit (SE) together with Matanzick and Spenny Bankbox (NO) participated in Kenneth´s workshop last weekend.  


Phone Joan in Nashville

July, 2013

Phone Joan will spend some weeks in Nashville to record their new album with Grammy Award winner Vance Powell. 


Live Performance Workshop

July 5-7, 2013

Kenneth will lead the Band Coaching and Live Performance days i Karlstad (SE) in cooperation with University College in Hedmark and EU Regional Development Fund.


Alfred Hall on the road

May - September, 2013

Alfred Hall show-casing and touring in the UK, US and Norwegian summer festivals.


El Cuero on tour

Spring - Summer, 2013

One of the most critically acclaimed Norwegian live-bands is on tour.


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Ida maria performed for MusiCares

Mai 31, 2013

Ida Maria perormed in LA at MusiCares benefit show, sharing the stage with Slash and Duff McKagan. Anthony Kiedis from RHCP was the host.


Ina Wroldsen and Ask Embla

May, 2013

Ina Wroldsen started her musical journey writing songs for herself as an artist, but she has become one of the hottest songwriters in Europe and North America.

Her new venture, the band Ask Embla with Icelandic Arnthor Birgisson, confirms Ina´s talent not only as a great songwriter, but also as an amazing performer. 
They have recently reached # 1 album and 1 single in Norway.


Reaharsals and Pre-production

April, 2013

Alfred Hall, has seemingly out of nowhere and in no time found its own niche with its feather-light pop music. Their debut album Wilderness has received great reviews and now the guys are preparing with Kenneth for a busy festivals and international show-case season.


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