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Become the best act you can! 


Learn from one of Norway´s most experienced Live Performance and Music Producers! ​

Discover the techniques needed to become a better performing artist, to improve your communication and interaction with your audience and give them nights of live music euphoria!

Take your artist development to the next level with Kenneth´s Live Performance Progr​am!



Who is Kenneth?


​​Kenneth is a passionate and committed artist developer with 30 years experience in both the Norwegian and the international music industry as Live Performance and Record Producer, Mixing Engineer and Composer. He has contributed to 13 Norwegian Grammy Awards nominees/winning acts/records and several international gold/platinum selling records.


He co-founded and Headed the A&R Dep. at Waterfall, a company that has been focusing on development and music export for many years, providing artists and songwriters deals with majors in both the U.S. and UK´s market.


During his career he has developed a Live Performance Program that helps talented musicians to refine, or even redefine, their goals and communication skills with their audience, without compromising character and style. ​ 


His mission is to share his unique 360 music business perspective and make you aware of what you need to reach your full potential and become the best performing artist you can.


Kenneth holds Live Performance workshops, nurtures artists on behalf of various management companies and record labels, is the in-house producer and songwriting advisor for the distribution channel, and he is a University College guest lecturer.



What does it take to succeed in music heaven?

Recording cool records, bold images, investing in the right marketing campaigns and "buzz"? It clearly helps if the product you sell is good enough.


But what do your lyrics say? And what happens when you start gigging? Do bands manage to live up to the expectations of industry professionals and the public? Are they aware of their message and are they good enough to deliver it and communicate it so that the word spreads? Are they able to generate enough awarness for their audiences to increase in size and for fans to buy their music? 


In other words, are artists aware that they can expand their band's next and most lucrative source of income by creating unique and unforgettable shows?





With Kenneth personal guidance you can produce customized live shows regardless of genre or solo or band format, whether you will be playing concerts at major festivals, intimate settings, TV programs or career changing industry show-cases.


He will give you and your band an insight into the music industry, sharing its secrets and some of its harsh realities. He will make your goals higher, but will not sell you any illusions!


Together you will surprise your audience, build a bigger fan base and give the public what they don´t yet know they want. And maybe you don´t yet know what you can offer!



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