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"I met Kenneth many years ago when I first got involved with mixing various artists on the Waterfall label. I really liked the vibe he had helped create there and thought that all the artists they had on the label were very interesting and cool. I worked on a lot of tracks that Kenneth had recorded and was always impressed by the sounds and the quality of the production. His new venture seems like a great idea and I wish him all the best."

Dave Bascombe, Producer/Mixing Engineer (UK) (Depeche Mode, Goldfrapp, Tears for Fears, P.Gabriel...)

"Kenneth Lewis has a genuine understanding of music and musical expression. He can definitely help you reach a new level of potential at any stage in your career. And his heart is as big as his talent!"

Ida maria, Norwegian Grammy Award winning artist

Kenneth has worked for and with Waterfall and our artists for almost 20 years, and has been completely indispensable.

His ability to develop and lift artists - both in the studio and on stage - up to an international level is second to none.

Kenneth has had primary responsibility for most of our international successes, and artists such as Span, Ida Maria, Lorraine, Ina Wroldsen and Alfred Hall have all gone 'Kenneth school', in their performance and stage presence.

Kai Robøle - Waterfall Music

"Kenneth is a go to, can do guy! I've worked with him for 10 years now and it's always a great sense of relief when I know he's connected to an artist. To me it means the artist is to be taken seriously."

Richard Perry, Radio Plugger Excellente (UK)

"We have benefited greatly from working with Kenneth, especially in terms of being aware of our own role in a live setting, and in the songwriting process. This cooperation has unified us as a band, both musically and expressively. We have been challenged to see our product from a new perspective and to make better choices. We have discussed opportunities and challenges, and made some changes that have been very positive for us."

Phone Joan, Band (NO)

"I have known and worked with Kenneth since 2000 on several important projects. I have always found his work and his way of relating to artists exciting, well thought out and fresh. There are a lot of songs out there but knowing the art of how to make a record out of that song is a huge part of the equation. Kenneth makes great records. Hard thing to do."

Ric Aliberte, RAM Inc. Manager (US) (Kiss, Billy Idol, Steve Stevens, Queen..)

Kenneth not only has great ears and taste, but when he truly believes in something he never stops fighting for it. We spent days and nights in the studio with him and he became a close friend and mentor. He was the fifth band-member we never had!

Kenneth understands music and people, and that makes him the best ally we could ever wish for. We would not have come so far without his conviction and dedication.


Jarle Bernhoft & Fridtjof Nilsen, former members of SPAN, Band (NO)

"We have taken with us what you taught us in Sweden and worked with it. Regarding both songwriting and live shows. We have had some gigs now with very good response, thanks to you. Thank you!"

Matanzick, Band (NO)
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